College of Law

Learn not only good theoretical but practical skills!

Quality plays a role!

About the University

 It is one off most experience college of Latvia, which is situated in the center of Riga with branches in Liepāja, Ventspils, Valmiera and Gulbene.

It is one of the best colleges in the Baltic region, internationally accredited and conforms to the quality standard of the Great Britain “Investors in Excellence”.

In annual surveys Latvian employers assess College of Law as one of the best for the preparation of young specialists.

Two of the programs of College of Law have entered the list of ten best programs implemented by Latvian universities and colleges.

The new program of cyber-security and personal data protection, which has been funded by the European Union, is the only one of a kind in the Baltic region and it has been highly evaluated by the experts.

College ensures that students during their studies acquire experience abroad, and it actively participates in several organizations for international higher education.

Mission and Strategy

Mission of the College:

The mission of the College of Law is to educate and train qualified specialists for the labor market both in Latvia and abroad, who have acquired not only good theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. The College of Law educates and trains mid-level professionals with first[1]level professional higher education not only in the field of law, but also in other most demanding occupations in the labour market, where the legal aspects play an important role in full-fledged work. Developing creativity and new ideas is the foundation of the study process.

Main Strategy goals:

– to educate and train qualified specialists that are in demand in the labor market;

– to ensure the growth of the College by acquiring international experience and constantly improving the quality of studies;

– to be the best college in Latvia;

– to define legal science as the main field of strategic specialization of the College, envisaging that the legal aspect will be devoted special attention in other College’s activities and study programmes.

The development of the College is based on the key policy documents and regulatory framework of our state


2 Years

Fee: € 2700 / year*


2 Years

Fee: € 2700 / year*

2 Years

Fee: € 2700 / year*

2 Years

Fee: € 2700 / year*

2 Years

Fee: € 2700 / year*

Admission process

Fill in online application form with attached documents or send the documents to the admission manager:

● Secondary Education Certificate 10+2 (with Apostill)

● IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English language certificate or B2 level proof

● Curriculum Vitae

● Passport copy (together with the residence address page)

● One Photo [35×45]

After the initial assessment of the documents, the education institution issues the conditional acceptance letter and registration fee invoice in order to proceed with the application.

Registration fee is 300 or 500 EUR (non-refundable). Education documents will be evaluated only after receiving the registration fee.

After the successful payment of the registration fee, the student will be required to book an appointment for a Skype interview.

Academic recognition of foreign qualifications/certificates. AIC evaluates the level of your qualification compared to education system of Latvia and issues its statement. This statement together with education document should be submitted to the education establishment.

This step takes 30-40 WORKING DAYS!

Final admission letter will be given after receiving the final confirmation about your educational documents from the AIC.

While you are waiting for AIC results, you should start to prepare the required documents for VISA

and Residence Permit process.

List of documents:

  • Application form for a residence permit request
  • ta_2016.pdf.pdf
  • 3 photos (3×4 size)
  • Bank statement with the indicated amount of 6500 EUR

***Make sure that your bank statement has a stamp, signature, your name, date of

birth, passport number and CREDIT CARD NUMBER***

  • Police clearance certificate (not older than 6 months); if you have been living in another country for more than 12 months, police clearance statement also has to be provided from this country. Police clearance statement has to be legalized with apostille**
  • Educational documents – legalized with Apostille ** YOUR EDUCATIONAL CERTIFICATES AND MARK SHEETS
  • If student have changed your name – Affidavit Copy with Apostille
  • If student has references from previous jobs, it can serve as a big advantage for a positivedecision. Please attach the originals of these documents as well.

Once we receive the AIC assessment, 

Student submits tuition fee payments stated in acceptance letter and invoice! After payment has been received, we will provide you with a study agreement.

Education institution issues the VISA SUPPORT FILE with an INVITATION NUMBER after a signed study agreement and VALID RENTAL CONTRACT has been sent to us.

RENTAL CONTRACT MUST BE ACQUIRED BY THE STUDENT THEMSELVES. A written confirmation must be sent to us for processing.

The student contacts Embassy of Latvia to provide the invitation number and arranges an interview. Alternatively, the student can do all VISA application procedure with VFS Global.

When student comes to Latvia, they submits the original documents to obtain the residence permit and start studying. Our post-arrival manager will guide the student through all the steps in securing their Residence Permit.