Real Estate Administration and Management

Length: 2 years

Level: Diploma

Fee: 2 700€ / year

Fee: 300€ Registration fee + 500€ security deposit

Course Info

The study programme “Real Estate Management and Administration” has been developed in compliance with the Education Law, the Vocational Education Law and the Law on Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Latvia, as well as Cabinet Regulations that regulate short-cycle vocational higher education. Requirements set for the qualification of house (real estate) manager comply with the Cabinet Regulation No 264 (adopted on 23 May 2017) “Regulations on the Classification of Occupations, Key Tasks Relevant to the Occupation and Qualification Major Requirements and the Procedure of Using and Updating the Classification of Occupations” (house manager occupation code – 3334 12) and the house manager occupational standards. To fulfil goals of the national economic policy and the labour market need such a policy of education and employment that would ensure full usage of human resources, thus creating a productive base for economic growth.



Aims of the short-cycle vocational higher education study programme in accordance with the occupational standard are as follows:

To train educated real estate management and administration specialists who are competitive on the labour market;

To train educated real estate management (sales) and administration specialists who are capable of solving issues involved in real estate management and administration independently, ensure and perform functions of house manager and take responsible decisions;

To develop the study programme in conformity with the labour market demand, to promote mastering of knowledge and skills that ensure reaching of the fourth professional level.





To ensure obtaining of knowledge required for practical activities in the field of house management and administration;

To ensure modern professional knowledge and skills required to start and perform the work of house manager;

To provide students with all required learning materials, ensuring maximum offer opportunities for the occupational studies;

To promote the ability to think creatively and demonstrate initiative, to develop the ability to work in non-standard situations, to link the obtained knowledge with real commercial activities.



Upon completion of the education, the graduate of the College of Law can continue learning at one of Latvian universities, for example, Riga Technical University, and start studies there at a later stage (when the completed study courses comply with the study programme of the respective university).

Upon completion of the studies, the graduate receives Diploma in Latvian and English, i.e. can continue studies at a foreign university, for example, Utena University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania.

Having obtained qualitative knowledge and competitive skills at the College of Law, the graduate can convincingly apply for a position on the labour market and find a well-paid job.


Application requirements

    Completed secondary education
        Transcript of grades

    Good or excellent final grades in the following subjects

    Eligibility for university in home country

 * International test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)/ secondary school grade

Professional study courses:

  • Planning and Organization of Building Construction
  • Practical Aspects of Construction Commercial Activity
  • Fire Security
  • Legal Regulation of Real Estate Management and Administration in Latvia and the European Union
  • Organisation of Real Estate Management and Administration
  • Commercial Estimations in House Administration
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Real Estate and Construction Insurance
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Audit
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Labour Law
  • Occupational, Civil and Environmental Safety
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Communications
  • Civil Procedure

In addition, you will obtain knowledge in the following study courses:

  • Fundamentals of Economics and Circular Economy
  • Data Analysis and Mathematical Economics
  • Communication and Professional Ethics
  • Document Management and Professional Terminology
  • Fundamentals of Psychology
  • Professional Terminology in a Foreign Language
  • Organisation Management
  • Computer Science and Presentation Skills
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Mediation

Elective study courses:

  • Personnel Management
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Couching
  • Real Estate Valuation