Popular Music

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Career Prospects



The knowledge, skills and artistic experience acquired during the studies provide an opportunity to work in cultural institutions, popular music ensembles, music clubs, as well as to carry out creative and artistic activities independently.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Play music with the main and additional instruments in solo and / or ensemble, to arrange and interpret, to use musical technologies in personal musical activities;
  • Create ideas, experiment, improvise with the chosen instrument / voice in accordance with the requirements of popular music styles and genres, being able to use musical writing and musical listening skills;
  • Apply the principles of self-management, independently and purposefully plan and carry out professional activities in accordance with legal and ethical norms, adapting to changing circumstances and applying self-control skills;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of music, be able to apply it in practice, collect and use relevant information;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills, shaping self-personality with appropriate self-esteem, understanding physiological and psychological challenges, and the need for personal artistic development.

Application requirements

  • High school / secondary education
    • Diploma
    • Transcript of grades

    • Eligibility for university in home country

     * International test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) At least B2