Programming and Internet Technologies

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In today’s increasingly digital world, programming is swiftly becoming a lingua franca spoken by people regardless of occupation. Self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, social media, robotic surgery, global logistics, and video games. What these topics have in common is the fact that they run on code and are fully reliant on IT. Unsurprisingly, this means that programming and IT proficiency are often huge competitive advantages in the job market. This all leads to programming being one of the most popular choices in Lithuanian universities for international students.

Speaking of the job market, as the warm embrace of digital technologies envelops one industry after another – opportunities abound. Whether you plan to start your own business, seek employment in a specific field, or simply want to advance in your present career, this program is designed to give you all the conceptual and practical expertise needed to achieve your goals. Getting your degree from a European business school rather than a specialized IT college will provide you with additional skills valued by employers around the world.

Career Opportunities

To ensure a smooth transition from study to work in a chosen field, we provide our students with regular consultations on internship opportunities, meetings with program graduates, and representatives of IT companies and other organizations.

These include: BTT Cloud, NOD Baltic, NRD CyberSecurity, Albars, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, Information Consultations, 3D idea, Albars, Užupis Creative Cluster, Western Union, and Barclays Technology Center.

This year, the most popular internships included Albars, BTT, Eset Lithuania, and 3D Idea. Most students receive job offers after their internship.

According to the Ranking (Reitingai) magazine, Vilnius Business College / VVK holds second place among other Lithuanian colleges in terms of the quality of their Computer Science bachelor’s programs. In addition, graduates of the Programming and Internet Technologies study program secure higher-paid jobs than graduates of other colleges.