De Montfort University (DMU) academic and research expertise is available via consultancy to businesses in both public and private industries across the globe. Our knowledge and research spans a wide range of sectors and is designed to deliver impact.

Driven by our wealth of academic knowledge built from our cutting-edge research, we offer a wider and more profound range of outcomes than other conventional consultancy businesses.

We have experience of working with organisations of all sizes to deliver innovative and thought-provoking solutions to address the challenges businesses face.Organisations which have benefited from our expertise include global manufacturers, financial service providers and major retailers to public sector institutions, including Pepsico, Jaguar Land Rover and the Royal Air Force.


3 year


Electrical and electronic engineering

3 year

£14,750 only

Accounting and Business Management BA (Hons)

Admission process

Fill in online application form with attached documents or send the documents to the admission manager:

● Secondary Education Certificate 10+2 (with Apostille)

● Last Graduation Certificate (with Apostille)

● Curriculum Vitae

● Passport copy (together with the residence address page)

● One Photo [35×45]

Applying to university

Verifying of the documents from university ( SSLC
and plus two marks sheets , SOP )
Usually it takes maximum of 5-6 days for the
verification process from them .

University will provide the offer letter for student

. FIRST PAYMENT – deposit need to be paid.

A mock interview will be provided for the student

The TT from bank needed to be send to the
university .

. Pre CAS interview date will be issued . ( suppose 1st
interview is failed then another 3 or 4 chances will
be provided.)

After clearing interview , the financial documents
and medical certificate need to be submitted.

Visa cast call

Receiving visa.