Strategic communication management

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Thanks to your studies in the professional master’s study program “Strategic communication management”, you will learn the necessary skills in public relations, international communication and strategic planning and management of communication, reputation management and corporate social responsibility trends, develop the integrated marketing communication strategies that are so popular in communication today. You will also learn lobbying technologies, i.e. you will gain knowledge on how to represent the interests of your company or even the industry in the public and private sector, both in Latvia and abroad.

Also, the program offers a new specialization “Digital and multimedia communication”, which includes the following study courses: Strategic management of communication in a multimedia environment; Digital communication and social media marketing; Graphic design and visualization; Communication psychology. In 2021, the Communication creative space “DigiCom” was also opened in the direction of Communication, where multimedia skills can also be learned practically.

The master’s study program of the Turība University of Business Administration in the direction of communication prepares communication and public relations managers, who are able not only to manage a communication and public relations company, their structural units in the company, state institutions or municipal organizations, but also to pursue a career as a politician, civil servant or entrepreneur. The acquired level of knowledge will give you the opportunity to teach communication to others, to work independently in your field, to lead your team and to continue your doctoral studies.

The program offers internships in the widest range of Latvian and foreign companies, as well as organizations.

The Master’s study program “Strategic Communication Management” is accredited until October 28, 2027.

After graduating from the study program, students can continue to develop their skills and abilities in the doctoral study program “Communication management” or in other master’s or doctoral study programs offered by Turība University of Business.


Career Opportunities

  • Owner and manager of a public relations and communication company;
  • Head of strategic communication structural unit/company
  • Head of the public relations structural unit in a company, ministry, state agency or non-governmental organization;
  • Politician or civil servant;
  • Communication expert/consultant;

Application requirements

  • In order to enroll in the master’s study program “Public Relations”, the applicant must present a professional or academic bachelor’s degree or professional qualification diploma.