International Communication Management

Course Info

The bachelor’s study program “International Communication Management” offers the opportunity to learn communication management in an international environment. Within the program, you will learn how to plan, organize and manage the organization’s international communication, analyze information, target audiences and information channels, create and plan the organization’s international communication management, ensuring trust in brand values, analyze international communication risks, predict possible crises and get involved in crisis management, predict and prevent organizational conflicts in an international environment, promote public support for the organization’s activities in an international environment. This is also a great opportunity to improve and improve your foreign language skills.

Within the program, it is possible to learn all study courses necessary for international communication, including: international project management, integrated marketing communication, principles of state management, etiquette and protocol, crisis communication, international law, public speaking skills and others, which will be useful in both professional and personal activities . While studying international communication management, you can also choose courses related to sports projects or alternative marketing projects.

The study program is led by Jana Bunkus, a communication expert who has worked in the local government as a public relations specialist for more than ten years, and for five years headed the Communication Department of the Latvian Association of Local Governments, under whose auspices the Association of Public Relations Specialists of Latvian Local Governments also operates. Jana Bunkus is a member of the Latvian Association for Public Relations Professionals, and was also a member of the board of this organization.

The bachelor study program “International Communication Management” is accredited until October 28, 2027.

After graduating from the study program, students can continue to improve their skills in any of the bachelor’s or master’s study programs offered by Turība University of Business

Career Opportunities

  • Head of International Communication;
  • International communication expert;
  • Head of the External Relations Department;
  • Company representative abroad;
  • Manager of communication, sales or charity projects;
  • Manager of international projects or organizations.

Application requirements

  • In order to start studies in the “International Communication Management” program, the applicant must pass the centralized exam in Latvian, a foreign language (English, German, French or Russian) and mathematics.
  • Applicants who obtained their secondary education before 2004 must have a successful assessment in the relevant subjects.
  • Information about the admission process and rules can be found in the “Admission” section.