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Information technology is becoming more and more in demand in the labor market. Studies at the Turība University of Business provide an opportunity to obtain the qualification of a programming engineer and undergo an internship in international ICT companies. As part of the “Computer Systems” study program, professional specialists are prepared to start independent work in the IT sector with knowledge of computer system architecture, software engineering, system analysis, basic database technologies and the basics of artificial intelligence, as well as specialists who are able to demonstrate systemic thinking and a systems approach in a software development project, performing various roles and following the standard and professional ethics of the IT programming engineer profession. Programming studies prepare students to conduct scientific research based on conducting experiments, modeling and simulation, as well as prepare them for continuing their studies at the level of professional master’s studies.

The content of the “Computer Systems” study program has been developed according to the following standards:

  • ACM ( Association of Computing Machinery standards , i.e. Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Computer Science );
  • CDIO Standard 2.0 ( Conceiving, Designing, Implementing, Operating ) for the framework of innovative education, training the new generation of engineers, ie from product conception, design, implementation to its operation;
  • Professional standard for programming engineer.

The advantages of programming studies are a flexible training process, the principle of module training, the proportion of lectures and practice (on average) 1:3, remote access to study materials, visiting professorships and the transfer of practical knowledge, exchange studies at other European universities of engineering sciences, studies at the Information and Communication Technology Laboratory (IKTL). , which implements various study courses for current and future students, such as “Machine Learning and Intelligent Analytics”, “Design Thinking in the IT Industry”, “Internet of Things”, “Green IT Systems and Methods”, “Software Development for Modeling and Simulation” and ” Robotics”

The bachelor study program “Computer systems” is accredited until September 13, 2029.

After graduating from the study program, students can continue to improve their skills in other bachelor’s or master’s study programs offered by Turība University of Business.

  • Programming engineer;
  • Manager of information systems in companies and institutions of various sectors;
  • Work in international ICT companies.