Course Info

Business studies at Turība University of Business consist of 60% of practical lessons and only 40% of theory. The lecturers of the “Business Management” study program are professionals with extensive practical experience who, in addition to theory, provide an insight into the world of the specific industry. Every student can get a business-oriented education relevant to his professional field and develop himself as a creative leader. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students can get acquainted with practical examples in lectures and get a more complete picture of work in the chosen field. The instructors are representatives of various industries – finance, marketing and sales experts, experienced entrepreneurs, coaching trainers, etc., which ensure a close connection of the study process with the specific industry.

Turība is the best choice where to study business – for our students, future and existing entrepreneurs, we also offer a mentoring program, the aim of which is to promote business development in Latvia by providing high-quality and individually tailored mentoring services. Every fourth graduate of Turība University of Business is a company owner.

“Future entrepreneurs develop real business plans already during their studies under the guidance of instructors. In order for the student to better understand the business process, the nature of the financial flow and what factors affect the company’s profit, individually or in groups, students have the opportunity to work in one of the companies for a certain period of time and use the theoretical knowledge gained at the university in life,” says program director Zane Driņke.

The bachelor study program “Business Management” is accredited until August 5, 2027.

After graduating from the study program, students can continue to improve their skills in the professional master’s study program “Business Management” , as well as in other bachelor’s or master’s study programs offered by Turība University of Business.

Career Opportunities

  • Manager and owner of the company;
  • Senior or mid-level manager in a Latvian or foreign company;
  • Project Manager;
  • Head of structural unit;
  • Finance Director.

Application requirements

  • In order to start business studies, the applicant must pass the centralized exam in Latvian, a foreign language (English, German, French or Russian) and mathematics.
  • Applicants who obtained their secondary education before 2004 must have a successful assessment in the relevant subjects.
  • Information about the admission process and rules can be found in the “Admission” section.