course info:

  • The study program “Business Logistics Management” was created based on Latvian and international labor market trends and the demand for logistics management specialists. The core of the study content is the acquisition of business management and in-depth knowledge in logistics, which will provide valuable education for future or existing logistics specialists and managers.

    The content of the business logistics management study program is suitable for students without prior knowledge in these fields, for specialists who want to supplement their knowledge in logistics, and for management-level specialists who want to learn the basics of logistics. The content has also been supplemented for specialized study courses, such as quality management, procurement organization, risk management, etc. Since practice during studies is a mandatory requirement, if necessary, Turība will also provide practice places in cooperating companies. During four years, students will acquire knowledge and experience in business and logistics corresponding to the content of the study program, as well as, upon graduating from university, they will obtain a bachelor’s degree in business management with a specialization in business logistics management.

    “The business logistics management program is unique, offering not only to acquire valuable and practical knowledge in logistics, but also to learn management-level knowledge, which opens up wide future career opportunities for the graduates of the program – in the fields of logistics and business management. In addition, the program was created in accordance with the demands of employers and the trends of the labor market,” says the director of the program, professor Rosita Zvirgzdiņa.

    The bachelor study program “Business Logistics Management” is accredited until August 5, 2027.

    After graduating from the study program, students can continue to improve their skills in the professional master’s study program “Business Management” , as well as in other bachelor’s or master’s study programs offered by Turība University of Business.