Course Info

This program is designed for individuals who are interested in analog and digital electronics, signal processing, and hardware programming; who thinks analytically; who wants to learn how to develop modern electronic devices; who wants to work in a booming industry.

You will be able to understand the principle of operation of electronic devices, understand the components, analyze circuit diagrams, design electronic systems, move from an idea to a real device; develop algorithms for digital signal processing systems (DSP), to synthesize digital filters, programming microcontrollers (MCUs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and programmable logic devices (PLDs)

Career Prospectives

A highly qualified engineer in the field of electronics: developer of mobile software and hardware, digital communications, data processing systems, embedded systems, IoT (Internet of Things) systems, robotic systems, etc.

Application requirements

  • Completed secondary education
    • Main certificates
    • Transcript of grades

  • Good or excellent final grades in the following subjects
    • English*
    • Mathematics

  • Eligibility for university in the home country

 * International test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)/ secondary school grade is required in the absence of which you may provide us with an MOI Letter.