Course Info

This program is for individuals, who want to be highly qualified specialists in the field of electronics, who can further:

  • apply for the post of a head of the technical department or laboratory at the production site, in the state institutions or research institutes and universities
  • engage themselves in the leading hardware and software development
  • independently carry out scientific research
  • continue education in doctoral studies

Career Prospectives

  • Project Manager in Electronics
  • Head of Production Department
  • Consultant of Local and International Projects in the Field of Electronics
  • Software Senior Developer for Embedded Systems
  • Hardware Senior Developer
  • Technical Author
  • Lecturer, Senior lecturer and later as a Professor at the University

Application requirements

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, Electricity-, Information Technology-related Sciences; Bachelor of Natural Sciences in Computer Sciences or Physics, or Second Level Professional Higher Education in Electronics, Physics or Computer Sciences

  • Completed secondary education
    • Main certificates
    • Transcript of grades

  • Good or excellent final grades in the following subjects
    • English*
    • Mathematics

  • Eligibility for university in the home country

 * International test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)/ secondary school grade is required in the absence of which you may provide us with an MOI Letter.