Double Degree in Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence

Course Info

This Double Degree program is designed in cooperation with the University of the West of England (UWE). After four years of study, students obtain diplomas from both universities, as well as a fantastic learning experience. According to British quality standards, there is a lot of group work and individual projects during studies. The study results will be evaluated not only by TSI lecturers but also by UWE representatives.

Within the double degree study program framework, foreign lecturers and academia from UWE will be invited. Students of this program will also have access to the resources of both universities.

Learning outcomes:

Able to demonstrate specialized knowledge and critical understanding of computer science

Able to extract, analyze and use the information to formulate, explain and reasonably discuss approaches to problem-solving

Able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of IT industry regulations and standards, and apply appropriate practices within professional, legal and ethical frameworks

Able to critically analyze and apply essential concepts, principles, and practices of computer science in the context of loosely defined scenarios, showing effective judgment in the selection and use of tools and techniques

Able to demonstrate organizational skills and time management both as an individual and as a team member

Able to structure their learning independently, to guide their own and their subordinates’ further learning and professional development

Able to take a scientific approach to problem-solving, take responsibility and initiative, make decisions, and find creative solutions

Application requirements

   Completed secondary education
        Main certificates
        Transcript of grades

    Good or excellent final grades in the following subjects

    Eligibility for university in the home country

 * International test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)/ secondary school grade is required in the absence of which you may provide us with an MOI Letter.