International Governance and Diplomacy

Course Info

A unique study programme in Latvia, providing the knowledge to obtain a Master’s degree in international relations and diplomacy during the 2 years degree course.

The program prepares specialists for international organisations, diplomatic corps, international companies, non-governmental organisations, scientific institutes.

The program provides the opportunity to study various aspects of international governance and diplomacy which teaches students the skills to think and act globally. During their studies students acquire the expertise to analyse, understand, and predict developments in international governance and diplomacy, as well as to provide reasoned opinions both orally and in writing.

Lectures are taught by both academics and practitioners, including current and former diplomats.

Students will be educated in various topics of international governance – small states in the international system; the history of international relations with an emphasis on great powers, wars, and diplomacy; international and diplomatic law, global economy and trans-national interests; the governance of the European Union; the foreign policy of the United States, the Peoples’ Republic of China and other great powers; the Middle East; energy security; security governance; e-governance and other issues.

Entry requirements

    Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or humanities
        Diploma supplement/transcript

    Good command of English*

    Eligibility for Master’s studies in the country where Bachelor’s degree was acquired

 * International test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)