National Academy Of Professional Studies(NAPS)

Let NAPS help empower you to become an analytical, creative and ethical professional who is capable of developing innovative solutions to the challenges in your world.

About the University

The Academy began as the idea of a small group of experienced senior academics and dedicated business professionals who had launched their successful careers after either being international students or working extensively with them. They dreamed of creating an even better experience for future students from around the globe.

They envisioned a higher education provider that would deliver the professional practical skills sought after globally, but taught in a way that truly reflects the needs of international and local students who had global career ambitions.

Using their skills and international experience, in 2016 they brought together a team of experts from around the world who worked together to develop the National Academy of Professional Studies (NAPS).

The NAPS team are innovative and take pride in developing courses that would take into account emerging global trends. They chose Accountancy and Islamic Business to create exciting opportunities for students because these courses were relevant globally and in increasing demand particularly in emerging markets and developing nations.

The NAPS Bachelor of Business (Islamic Business) degree now provides a rare alternative to ‘Western-centric’ Australian business courses which fail to adequately take into account the Islamic commercial context that operates in nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East, the Gulf region and Nigeria.


• NAPS’ Mission is to provide a high quality, professional and student-centred educational experience. We will work with our students to produce graduates that will be highly sought after by employers both in Australia and globally.

• As well as advanced systematic training in their chosen disciplines, students are encouraged to exercise individual freedom of intellectual thought and curiosity, to acquire applied research skills and to develop their teamwork and leadership skills.

• NAPS will also help our students to develop a sense of social responsibility that will enable them to serve their local and the wider global communities.


3 Years

Fee: $16,000/year*

3 Years

Fee: $18,000/ year*

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