Social Work and Human Rights

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If you feel positive about any of the above questions, consider choosing Social Work and Human Rights for your bachelor degree. These are studies that will set you down the path of helping others. You will learn to work with children and the protections they must be provided in the eyes of the law. You will learn how to provide crisis management and how to work with people in correctional institutions. You will find out how social programs are built, ran and apply to the social groups in need.

From all our study programmes, the social work bachelor studies are the most down to earth option. It requires a lot of empathy and dedication. Taking your studies in English will also help you reach higher level of social care. You will be able to participate in Erasmus+ program and study in Europe as an exchange student, expanding your knowledge of social care practices in other countries. To take full advantage of these studies, you must wield English language at least at B1 level.

If you are struggling to choose where to study social work, choose to study in Lithuania. Here you will receive a 4-year, world-class education from what may be the best university in the country. Upon graduating in the field of social work, you will receive a bachelor degree and 240 ECTS credits for future studies

Application requirements

    • Secondary education diploma or equivalent including final grades


      • Motivation letter
      • Document proving English language level (B1)



 Provided documents must be in color, have no cut corners (high quality scan).