PhD in Economics

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If all of the questions above came back as a yes, consider submitting your thesis topic for your doctoral studies in Psychology. If you have a research sphere you always found interesting and would like to share with the rest of the social sciences community, the 4-year (240 ECTS credits) doctoral degree programme is exactly what you are looking for. To match your studies with a career, you may also take them part-time for 6-year study period. Persons who have independently prepared a doctoral dissertation (or monograph) and have scientific publications can obtain a doctoral degree externally (within 1 year).

At MRU, we have developed a joint studies programme with one more university that will help you deepen your knowledge of human psychology. Here you will be required to conduct your studies in English, in order to take full advantage of the course. You will need to prove your English level is at C1 or higher in order to get accepted.

While studying, you will be assigned a scientific supervisor, who will help you navigate the challenges in researching your chosen topic. You will be able to cooperate with a supervisor, who is the best specialist in the topic of your thesis.

During your studies, you will be required to pass study subjects of value no less than at 30 ECTS credits. You will also be required to publish 2 scientific articles in research publications, one of which must be international. You will also be required to participate in 2 international conferences to present your research results, undergo 1 scientific internship and a teaching practice. At the end of your research, you will be required to prepare your thesis according to the Requirements, present and defend it in front of The Board. After a secret vote, you will be awarded a PhD in the field of Social Sciences, namely – Psychology. After graduation, you will be able to work in the higher education field as a lecturer or a researcher, join local and international research projects, work in NGOs and other social organizations, pursue a career as a highly-qualified therapist.

Application requirements

  • Bachelors and Masters in Law related courses
  • Academic transcripts of each study year

    • Motivation letter
    • Document proving English language level (B2)

     Provided documents must be in color, have no cut corners (high quality scan).