LegalTech LL.M.

Course Info

This flexible, one-year LLM programme, delivered in English, provides an entry point to a wide range of different careers, including legal practice and entrepreneurship. It is delivered by specialists from Lithuania, Netherlands and Spain working in the field of legal technology, and ensures students get the benefit of the latest technologies and industry standards.

It provides face-to-face and experiential learning, including gamification and practical start-up simulations, that require students to prepare and defend a product or a start-up idea, all delivered flexibly in the evening, and through streamlined modules that meet student’s expectations and needs.

We work closely with global partners, including Evershed Saladzius, Amberlo, Fondia. We organise meetings and events with public bodies and local partners, and students can also benefit from wider extra-curricula activities, as well as the vibrant student community and academic environment at the University.

This programme focusses on soft as well as practical skills, such as collaboration and team working, commercial acumen, creative problem solving, digital transformation, and strategy. Our programme attracts global students, providing a valuable opportunity to work and network with new peers from across the world. It is an interdisciplinary programme, bringing together diverse areas such as data, artificial Intelligence, FinTech, RegTech, CyberTech, gamification, intellectual property, robotics, ethics and legal semantics. We also provide the opportunity to progress to Doctoral studies.

Application requirements

    • Bachelor degree or equivalent first university degree diploma in Law (3-year study duration minimum)
    • Academic transcripts of each study year


      • Motivation letter
      • Document proving English language level (B2)



 Provided documents must be in color, have no cut corners (high quality scan).