Law and Global Security

Course Info

Global challenges, like cyberattacks, money laundering, human rights violations and terrorism are on the rise. People’s lives are affected by global and national insecurity. Law plays an increasingly important role in addressing the dangers caused by global challenges. This programme focusses on the use of law in personal, national, and global security. It teaches students how to fact find, conduct research, strategically negotiate and lead when it comes to addressing international security matters. It looks at how the world has been changed by geopolitics, the pandemic, rising energy and food prices and technology, and how the law can be used to resolve these issues. Students are provided with a dynamic environment in which to learn, with the programme making use of lectures, seminars, mooting, gamification, talks, experts, and other methods. Students will also learn about professionalism, strategy, independence, resilience, and strong leadership.

The programme is oriented towards

Providing students with the skills needed to apply the law to issues of global security, including legal research and case strategy;

Looking at how global and national institutions can be used to address key global security concerns;

Training on skills that can be applied or transferred across a number of different occupations;

Examining contemporary matters of global concern to people across the world, using experiential methods;

Working with international partner organisations to provide students with the opportunities to look at global security issues in context

Application requirements

  • High school / secondary education
    • Diploma
    • Transcript of grades


  • Motivation letter
  • Document proving English language level (B1)



 Provided documents must be in color, have no cut corners (high quality scan).