Level: Bachelor

Degree conferred: Bachelor of social sciences in Economics
 Duration: 3 years
Tuition fee:  2500 € / year + 500 Security deposit

Course Info

Economic problems are an ever-present and inherent part of our lives. If you wish to understand how to improve the living conditions of people in their everyday lives and how to solve economic issues in economic sectors, come and join us!


This programme is aimed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be work-ready and competitive economists in the national and international labour markets. The study programme consists of compulsory courses, elective courses and practical training, which gives you:




  • analytical skills and knowledge to understand economic circumstances in micro and macro level;
  • ability to analyse and critically assess processes and mutual relations of factors in agrarian and environmental economics, or in business process management;
  • understanding of how to make decisions and manage resources rationally and sustainably;
  • an opportunity to get interested in research activities and awareness of importance of lifelong learning.

Career opportunities

Our recent Bachelor graduates are employed in agricultural sector companies, banking and finance sector companies, government institutions, academic and research organizations, self-owned companies.



Bachelor’s degree entitles graduates to continue studies in a respective Master’s study programme in universities in Latvia or abroad.

Application requirements

  • Completed secondary education
    • Diploma
    • Transcript of grades


  • Good or excellent final grades in the following subjects
    • English*
    • Mathematics


  • Eligibility for university in home country


  • Online entrance test in social sciences




* International test score minimum – CEFR level B2, IELTS score 5.5, TOEFL score 520, TOEFL-iBT score 68