Computer Sciences

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About the programme:

ACADEMIC BACHELOR degree of Natural Science in Computer Science

The central aim of the programme is to give academic education in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

Career Opportunities:

After obtaining Bachelor’s degree the graduates have an opportunity to work at organisations performing software development, delivery, and maintenance. They also are entitled to continue their studies as Master students in Information Technology or Computer Science in some of the higher education institutions of Latvia or the European Union.


Size of Bachelor study programme is 180 ECTS (120 CP), and the duration of the programme is 3 years. The programme consists of three parts:

  • A part (138 ECTS / 92 CP) – compulsory courses of Computer Science and Mathematics;
  • B part (36 ECTS / 24 CP)– compulsory courses , which expect deeper education of students and development of their professional skills and abilities;
  • C part (6 ECTS / 4 CP) – free optional courses chosen according to students’ interests.

Compulsory subjects: Programming, Data base technologies, Management of software development projects, Computer architecture, Courses of continuous mathematics, Courses of discrete mathematics, Computer Science and numerical methods, Term paper, Bachelor paper

Methods of teaching and learning: Acquisition of the study programme is organised in the form of lectures, seminars, practical classes and laboratory works, students’ independent assignment (individually, literary studies, development of a project in small groups). Implementation of each course envisages integration of knowledge, skills and abilities, succession of the courses in their relation to writing the students’ research project.

Individual planning: During the course students fulfill tasks of the practice, set up and present term paper (second academic year) and Bachelor paper (third academic year).