Public Administration

Course Info

In choosing this course, students will gain a thorough knowledge of public policy and administration. The course will provide them with the knowledge and skills required to collaborate with citizens and stakeholders in public management practices, fully recognising public interests and ethical principles.

The main courses in the curriculum include Public Management Reforms; Public Finance and Budget; Local Self-Governance; Diversity Management; and Quality Management in Public Sector.

Global issues you will tackle

The study programme incorporates global themes and challenges and in doing so, provides the necessary knowledge, practical and professional skills for public administration professionals to be aware of global issues from a local, national and international perspective.

Application Requirements

  • High school / secondary education
    • Diploma
    • Transcript of grades


  • Eligibility for university in home country



 * International test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) At least B2