Electronic Engineering

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Electronics is one of the fastest-growing fields of engineering. Almost every aspect of our daily lives is accompanied by one or another electronic product; increasingly complex electronic systems, which make human life easier and provide greater comfort and safety, are constantly evolving. Electronic systems are widely used in many household and industrial applications, including production and process management, telecommunications, energy, land, air and water transport, medical equipment, the military industry, and so on.

The Electronic Engineering program at KTK aims to prepare specialists with the knowledge and skills in the analysis and selection of electronic devices and systems able to design, install and combine electronic devices and systems, who know the standards and directives of production and operation of electronic devices and systems and are able to organize activities of a company (division). 

The program has been awarded the Investors’ Spotlight Quality Label, which confirms that the program meets the needs of foreign investors and is a leader in training specialists in this field in Lithuania. There is a particular shortage of professionals in the labor market today, and the program is designed to cater to this need.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can analyse, select, install, adjust and design electronic devices and systems, program computer hardware and digital interfaces, select and assemble components for electronic products, program microprocessors, smart home systems, robotic production lines. Graduates work as multi-purpose electronic systems installers, testers, designers of electronic systems and circuits, electronic systems project managers, specialists in smart control systems, heads of electronics departments, engineers in various electronic companies, or start their own busines