Construction Engineering

Course Info

Construction engineers strive to create a more beautiful and functional environment for themselves and the people around them, working towards more comfortable conditions for study, work and leisure. To achieve this, they build and modernize the structures in our daily lives – residential houses, schools, offices, and shopping centres.

At KTK, future engineers study geodesy, structures and their design, engineering systems for buildings, construction technologies, repair technologies, building maintenance, learn to prepare estimate calculations and organize construction works, etc. Theoretical knowledge is consolidated and further developed during practical training, which is conducted in five stages and lasts up to 20 weeks in total: introductory training and surveying fieldwork are performed at KTK; construction work technologies’, industry and final internships are performed in partner companies.

In this program, KTK offers an option to acquire a double degree provided that students complete the fifth and sixth semesters of the program at VIA University College in Denmark.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can work in various fields of civil engineering, supervise construction, repair and maintenance of buildings, prepare construction designs, estimates and surveys, manage projects, evaluate construction products, plan, organise and supervise work, set up their own business, prepare business and activity plans for your company (division) and analyse the business environments.