Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Course Info

Man’s dream to fly dates back to ancient times and has now come true. The history of aviation has stepped into its second century and needs you to help it develop faster and further. If you are interested in aircraft, helicopters, gliders, their engines and mechanical systems, and would like to pursue an international career in the rapidly developing field of aviation, this study program will help you launch your career and, literally, fly high.

The program allows students to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge; future engineers study mathematics, physics, IT, engineering graphics, aircraft propellers, fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic systems, materials and components, fundamentals of aviation law, etc. The knowledge gained is consolidated and further developed during practical training and internships, which last up to 20 weeks altogether and are conducted in three stages: introductory training performed at KTK; aircraft technology internship and final internships performed at partner companies.

Career Opportunities

After graduation you will obtain a Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and will be able to work in aircraft or helicopter repair and maintenance companies, airports and their divisions, and other companies that require mechanical engineers and technicians