International Finance and economics

Course Info

The aim of the Master Program “International Finance” is to educate a high qualification competitive professionals in economics and finance with knowledge in theory of finance and the abilities to use it in accordance with the level of modern international requirements that manage business corporation financial methodology and tools analysis in order to develop and implement corporate financial strategy in the conditions of financial market globalization and transition to innovation economy

Career Opportunities

The Master’s degree entitles the graduates to conduct educational work and continue their education at Doctoral studies. In addition, the degree obtained gives the right to work in the financial sector in leadership positions that require applicants to have a Master’s degree. Field of activity: banking, investment and insurance companies, audit and tax services, financial consulting, analytical departments of companies.

Application requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or a second-level professional higher education (Must be 4 years)
    • Transcript of grades
    • Diploma
  • Good command of English*
  • Eligibility for Master’s studies in the country where Bachelor’s degree was acquired


* International test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)/ secondary school grade