Communication management in the entertainment and leisure industry

Course Info

The goal of the program is to train highly qualified and competitive professionals in the field of communication management in the tourism, hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries, possessing theoretical knowledge and professional skills at the level of modern international requirements, able to solve tasks creatively, work in international and interdisciplinary teams and effectively manage enterprises and organizations, take part in the implementation of projects both in Latvia and abroad.

The peculiarity of the preparation of masters is:



  • mastering the skills that allow the graduate to successfully work in the marketing departments of the tourism industry, hotel business, leisure and entertainment;
  • the acquisition by graduates of universal and specialized competencies that contribute to its social mobility and competitiveness in the labor market;
  • the formation of graduates with a vocational orientation in the development of postgraduate and additional educational programs;
  • the formation of skills to independently solve problems requiring an innovative approach;
  • development of abilities to find non-standard organizational and managerial decisions.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates head their travel companies, work as chief managers in hotels, head customer service at banks, head private theaters and museums, organize international festivals, and teach in high schools. High quality education allows them to feel more confident in the labor market and find opportunities to improve their own business in difficult economic conditions.

Application requirements

  Bachelor’s degree or a second-level professional higher education
        Transcript of grades

    Good command of English*

    Eligibility for Master’s studies in the country where Bachelor’s degree was acquired

 * International test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)/ secondary school grade